New Sheriff

New Sheriff is a music project based on vocal samples (or “she-riffing”). The main instrument is a robotic synth made out of a female voice. Live instrumentations and often a bit quirky sound technical mishaps enrich the meditative electronic feel, leading the music towards sound art. A somewhat melancholic story starts at the entrance of a New Town. All the songs are about the extreme: confidence, envy, mania, loneliness, depression, repression, paranoia and loss of Love. The limited edition C-cassette is published by Phallic Vatican Records. Side B is by Eloise Colaballos, mixed by Vilunki 3000.

New Sheriff: New Sheriff (pvr-003)

A1 Groovy Arrival
A2 New Rowman
A3 Vaudeville
A4 Universum
A5 Naproom
A6 Blue Mystic
A7 Bogeyman
A8 Wound
A9 Farewell

Pekka Toivonen — piano, synth, electric guitar & bass, production
Laura Väinölä — vocal samples
Louna Hosia — cello (A2)
Jukka Outinen — drums (A5, A7)
Antti Mattila — french horn (A7)
Julius Mauranen, Studio Kekkonen — mixing, co-production
Minerva Pappi, Waudio — mastering

Published by Phallic Vatican Records 2017
© Kasino Creative Publishing